Language change… (again?)

Well, well, well….

As you may notice in the future posts, this blog isn’t written in Portuguese anymore, and from now on, I will try to write all my posts in English. The reason behind this change is that I wanted to share ideas with a greater number of persons, and also because I realized that mantaining two different blogs would request much more time than I am prepared to spend doing it.

I’m sorry for changing the language (again), but you have to understand that this is a new blog, written by a new guy who just moved to a new place :-) . Hope you don’t mind that I might have also a bad written english knowledge sometimes (still learning…). If you find anything wrong, please let me know!
As far as the brazilian public is concerned, I sincerely believe that all persons reading this blog can easily read english, so I don’t think they will be prejudiced. Hope I’m right!

See you next post!


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