The Turning Point

As you may have noticed, with the language change (from portuguese to english), I decided to also change the blog’s name, since the previous one wasn’t saying very much.

The new name is based on the book I’m currently reading (and recommend), The Turning Point, by Fritjof Capra, which can be described like this (from Wikipedia):

It begins by outlining and tracing the history of science and economics, highlighting the flaws in the Cartesian, Newtonian, and reductionist paradigms. It narrates how such viewpoints have grown inadequate for modern technology and ecology needs, then argues that science needs to develop the concepts and insights of holism and systems theory to solve society’s complex problems.

Just to show you why I am really enjoying this book, here goes a sentence extracted from it (it has been already posted before, but it was in Portuguese, so I thought about translating it… free translation from the portuguese version):

“The complexity of our technological and industrial systems has now reached a point where many of these systems can not be modeled or managed. Failures and accidents occur with increasing frequency, unexpected social and environmental costs are continually generated, and more time is consumed maintaining and regulating the system than providing useful goods and services.” – Fritjof Capra – The Turning Point

Despite being from 1984, I think this specific sentence could be used to describe the vast majority of software development projects now in 2008 (just 24 years later), and that’s why I’ve chosen this blog’s title. Because I believe that the software development industry is reaching its turning point, the paradigm is changing (not as fast as we want, that’s true), and this blog is meant to be just another forum to discuss the new ideas being proposed (and also the old ones, when they are better than the new.. :-) ).

Well, that’s it. Hope you enjoy!



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