Lean Lego Game @XP 2009

Next month, Me and Danilo Sato will be presenting the Lego Lean Game ate XP 2009, which will be held in Sardinia.

So, what is it?

The Lego Lean Game is an activity developed to teach people about the basic concepts of Lean thinking in a dynamic and fun way, demonstrating Lean practices in an imaginary production line to build Lego houses.


The idea came from the fact that Lean is becoming a common term in software development, but many people haven’t been introduced to the concepts that made it successful. This workshop aims at introducing this concepts to the participants, making them understand where Lean comes from, and why apply them in the software world.

Should I Come?

If you are interested in Lean, but haven’t had time to study about it, this is the perfect place for you. More experienced people are also welcome, since the hands-on activity makes you discover many aspects that might have been missed before.

If you want to have a better idea of how it is, you can check this video (sorry for the shaky camera : ) ), from the presentation we made at Agiles 2008.

Hope to see you there!


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