Agiles 2009

I’ve been for the past two weeks in Brazil, and during this trip I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the 2nd Latin American Conference on Agile Methodologies, Agiles 2009, which was also being sponsored by ThougtWorks.

The conference itself was great, with a really good attendance (around 500 people), including students and professionals from different south-american countries and lots of good speakers, including Brian Merick and Diana Larsen.

I had a presentation on the first morning, titled “Is Agile The New Waterfall ?”, which tried to propose a discussion about how the (unfortunately) de facto way of agile adoption might influence negatively the future of the movement. Gladly, the presentation went really well, with a fully packed room, lots of questions and good feedback from the audience.

ThoughtWorks also used the opportunity to announce the opening of a brazilian office in Porto Alegre, which was done at the ending of a very well received keynote from Roy, which talked about the industry, his views on South America and also about the company and its purpose.

We had a great time overall, and the organizers should be congratulated for the effort of making this event possible, specially when all the people behind it were working as volunteers.

In case you are curious, you can find pictures from the event here.


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