Simple Planning

What is necessary when you need to plan the next sprint/iteration ?

The picture above is the result of a chat with Lasse in my current project, and it was enough to set the expectations for the two weeks of work we had to plan.

Each post it is a story and time goes from left to right. Stories that are in the same vertical line can be played at the same time, and that big pile on the right means that those stories are dependent on each other, but can still be played simultaneously if developers are careful and communicate enough with each other.

This wasn’t anything planned, but it was simple enough for what we needed, and since we were working in a distributed team, taking a picture and sending it around was they way we had to share it with everyone. Worked just fine : )

  1. Hi Frank. What’s the mining of numbers?

  2. Nothing special really. The blue ones are the ones used by the client’s specifications. The red ones are the id in Mingle.

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