Which side to pick ?

What would you suggest should be done with a software development team where there is a significant difference in skill levels, let’s say up to 10x difference ?

Jason Yip shared this question he proposed to Takeshi Kawabe, who answered as follows:

Set the best performers as the standard. Pair people with the masters in a master-apprentice model. Find other suitable jobs for those without aptitude. Like professional baseball players, you need to practice every day to be a professional. Software development is a team activity an team are only strong as their weakest link.

Couldn’t agree more with it, but unfortunately is not the reality in most of the companies, that seem to be trying the opposite, setting an anti-productivity policy, which could be summarized as:

Set the worst performers as standard and create rules around everyone to avoid them making big mistakes. After that, just wait for the ones with aptitude to leave for a better place.


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