ThoughtWorks University XXI

In March and April of this year I finally made to India to be a trainer at ThoughtWorks University. This had been a personal goal since I was a student there more than 3 years ago now, so I’m pretty happy I have achieved it.

After being back for more than a month, I’ve finally decided to stop being lazy and write about it, so there will be a couple of posts here in the near future (hopefully!) about the experience I had over there.

As a short summary though, it was truly amazing! :)

In the format that it was created (thanks Summeet for that), TWU sets a challenge to the trainers, who are asked to deliver an interesting 6 weeks training to students that are already pretty good at what they do. There were no constraints set on what we could try, and we were responsible for deciding what would be done.

For someone with no training background as me, I could not ask for a better learning experience.

If you are interested in the subject, please check also Mark’s posts about it. Im pretty sure Im not going to be able as much as him about it. :P

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