Lean Lego Game at Agile Australia – Full House

Last week I’ve presented the Lean Lego Game with Fabio Pereira at Agile Australia 2011. It was the first time it was run in a conference here in Australia, and I’m pretty happy that it was very successful. There were no spots left for the workshop with one day in advance, and we had quite a few people there to observe it.

If you were one of the participants, thanks a lot for coming!

It was also the first time we’ve tried a new format for the game, giving the possibility to each team to come up with their own process in the third round. It was quite interesting to see different ways that people approached the problem and I definitely think it was an improvement from the old way we did it.

As a last point if you don’t know yet, the game is distributed under the Creative Commons Licence. Get in touch with me or Danilo if you are interested in running it.


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