Thoughts on Agile 2011

In August this year (I know, a long time ago…) I had the opportunity to be in Salt Lake City for the Agile 2011 conference. It  was the  second Agile conference in the US I’ve attended, and I have to say Im quite pleased with the results.

The venue itself was very appropriate for the event, using two hotels just across the street from each other. Despite having session rooms spread in a large area, it was easy to move between them and there was lots of options of place for sitting down between sessions and talk with other participants, which is always one of my favourite parts in a conference. The Open Jam space was one of the great points for me, with lots of people hanging out there at any given time.

As the biggest conference I’ve ever been, the number of sessions was quite overwhelming. Having to choose one between 18 tracks is always hard, giving you a constant feeling of missing out. It’s one of the good problems to have though, and the quality of the sessions was very good, including two great keynotes. I will be writing up about the sessions I’ve attended soon and also about the one I’ve presented (watch this space).

In general, besides listening to great new ideas, going to conferences like this always works as a refresher for me. It’s good to have some of the old ideas repeated to you, it definitely makes me realise a lot of things I could be doing better but had just gone out of my radar for one reason or another.


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