Where to put my build tasks ?

In my current project we are working with automation of deployments, so a lot of our work involves automating builds and (trying) to create a pipeline using build tasks (currently using Jenkins).

One of the things that started to annoy us is that as a standard build tasks are part of the main code repository for an application, even when the tasks itself don’t depend at all on the codebase. In our case, we are using Rake with Ruby, and using RPM’s to deploy, so our Rakefiles would contain tasks that involved testing and deploying RPM’s, but still were included in the application.

I can see the point of keeping the everything related to an app inside the same codebase, but add that to a slow git and gem server, and our build tasks would spend 90% of their time downloading and bundling the application.

So one simple practice that we are trying now is to create a separate repository for build tasks. If all you need is a Rakefile, why do we have to download more than that ?

Just to exemplify how simple it gets…

That’s it. Quite simple, but thought it was worth mentioning!


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