LAST Conference – Subject to Change

To close my participation at LAST Conference, I’ve presented a follow up of the talk I’ve done at LESS 2011, talking about why I believe most organisations are not set up for learning.

In the presentation I’ve explained my thoughts on why I believe change programs are often unfair to employees, asking them to embrace change, but only the one that management is putting forward.

I’ve also talked about learning within organisations, product teams, and how management teams should step back and understand their new role as leaders instead of controllers of the company.

If it sounds interesting to you, there is more info here.

  1. rahul deshmukhpatil said:

    May be organisations, teams dont plan enough that some amount of time they will spend in learning rather than continuously developing and testing. When team/organization spend some money in research out of budget then they should allow their resources to spend some time purely on research as well.

    • rahul deshmukhpatil said:

      what I mean behind learning is learning new things, changing which change your path and takes you towards right direction.

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