– Is Agile the New Waterfall ? (slideshare)

Latin American Agiles 2009. Florianopolis, Brasil – October 8th and 9th

– The Lego Lean Game (slideshare)

XP 2009. Sardinia, Italy – June 25th-29th

– The Lego Lean Game (pdf)

Agiles 2008. Buenos Aires, Argentina – October 20th-25th

Agilidade de Tartaruga. Métodos Ágeis Encontram o Mundo Real (portuguese) (pdf)

Falando em Agile 2008. São Paulo, Brazil – October 23rd-24th

What Went Wrong? A Survey of Problems in Game Development
Good Practices in Game Development. Is The Game Industry That Bad?

ThoughtWorks Geek Night – Games Development – November 21st, 2008

Agile é o Novo Waterfall? (portuguese) (slideshare)

Encontro do Grupo de Usuários de Métodos Ágeis – RS – December 16th, 2008

How About Games? Extending Agile to Different Environments (slideshare)

ThoughtWorks Manchester Geek Night – Manchester – January 22nd, 2009

– Coaching de Guerrilha (portuguese) (slideshare)

Agile Brazil 2010 – Porto Alegre, Brazil – June 24th-25th

– Introduction to RapidFTR (slideshare)

ThoughtWorks Sydney Geek Night – October 13th 2010

– Kaizen Lego Game (slideshare)

Agile 2011, Salt Lake City, US – August 11th 2011

– Subject to Change – Why your change program is going to fail and what you can do about it (slideshare)

LESS 2011 – Conference on Lean Enterprises and Software Systems – Stockholm, Sweden – October 30th – November 2nd

– Subject to Change – Why your change program is going to fail and what you can do about it (slideshare)

LAST Conference 2013 – Melbourne, Australia

– Kaizen Lego Game

Agile Australia 2012 –  Melbourne, Australia

– Take it Offshore

Scrum Australia 2013 – Sydney, Australia

  1. Tim Strauss said:


    I am wondering if it is possible to get a copy of the actual lego game instructions and required materials. I see on line that others offer these materials but thought it best to come to you directly.

    Kind regards,

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